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12/08/2011, 15:40
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Dear ramblers, walkers, and strollers,

after the success of last year’s Walking Competition, we want repeat it again this year. Below you will find an invitation to participate and information about topic, date and jury. Please feel free to forward this invitation! If you do, please point potential participants towards this link:


“The city as a horizon of thought” [1]: The theme of our 2011 competition is the URBAN EXPERIENCE. With this theme we want to encourage you to take to the road and experience the city with and within it. Develop a personal tour and then walk and discover it with your own feet – following the motto “the way is made by walking”. Chance plays a big role here, as well as the subjective perception.

“The more powerful the desire to see the city and understand it, the greater the intensity of its character.” [2] This character is there to be found and decoded, to be contextualized and distilled into something personal. It is a reminder, a remark which is an image or perception. What does the city do; what surprises are waiting for us; what is visible; what was previously hidden? Follow your curiosity and your interest and let us and others share your experiences.

Eligibility: The competition is open to private non-commercial and non-professional walkers. Everyone who relishes the joy of discoveries that can only be found through the work of attentive walking is welcome to participate..

Submission: The texts should not be longer than one or two DIN A4 pages. If you would like to add an additional map or photos you can, but please send them separately from the text. Closing date is 30th October 2011.The jury will meet in the course of November and makes a decision. The winners will be notified personally and announced on various blogs. Please email your submissions to stadtstadtstadt [at] web [dot] de.

If you would like to be inspired, take look at last year’s winners here.

Jury: The selection of the winner is made by an independent jury. Members of the jury are: Eva Maria Epple (“Berlin flaneur inside” former Citizen Project “20 green key infrastructure Berlin”), Werner Pregler (LeoParts Nuremberg and Metatstadt Berlin), Stefan Höffken (Urbanophil and CPE Kaiserslautern) Karsten Michael Drohsel (Metastadt, city, town and Urbanophil Berlin) The panel shall determine the selection criteria prior to its meeting. There will be no statement justifying the jury’s decision. The decision is final.

Awards: There are three chosen walks, which will, if possible, walked in the course of next year with the winners. The first winner gets a book with pictures, notes, etc. by the participants in the guided walk. This book will also be published as a .pdf magazine on Metastadt. The images and notes of the two runners-up guided walks will also be published on Metastadt, but they will not receive an actual book.

All information can be found on or stadtstadtstadt [at] web [dot] de.


[1] Jeudy, Henri-Pierre: Urban Experience, Merve, Berlin, 1998, p.69.

[2] Jeudy, Henri-Pierre: Urban Experience, Merve, Berlin, 1998.


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